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My Roof Got Hit by Hail...Now What?

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Hail is one of the biggest cause of damages to roofs and the exterior of your home. From roofs to gutters and fences, you want to make sure your home is safe and in good condition.

The first thing to do is to find a reliable contractor. Richard Restoration covers all of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding cities. We will be in contact and help you every step of the way. If you wait too long after a storm to find a contractor and replace your roof, it is recommended to get in contact with a contractor as soon as possible. If you wait too long after a storm to file a claim, you also may not be covered under your insurance. It is possible for your roof to begin to leak if damage is severe enough. Your insurance will most likely not cover interior damages if it is caused by damages on your roof that were made by a hail storm. It will be considered negligence because you did not get your roof inspected in the grace period of the storm.

To make this process smooth, we have outlined the steps of receiving a new roof with your contractor:

  • A project manager will come out to your home and determine if there is enough damage to warrant a whole roof replacement, along with any other storm damages.

  • If there is sufficient damage, you and your project manager will work together to file a claim with your insurance company.

  • After filing a claim, you will have an adjuster appointment. At that point, the inspector representative will determine if it warrants repairs and replacement.

  • If approved, you will receive your first check from the insurance company. This check covers all supplies and labor costs to get your home done in the best way possible. If you feel uncomfortable handing over the whole first check, you are more than welcome to pay half of the first check to cover materials and labor, and turn in the second half on the day of your roof replacement.

  • With the first check, you will also receive an estimate from the insurance company that identifies the damage to your roof.

  • Now comes the fun part! You will begin to go over the details of your restoration project with your project manager. This includes picking your shingle color and style. You can also discuss upgrading options such as gutter guards, ventilation options, and shingle upgrades.

  • Once all of the project details are completed and confirmed, you will sign and complete a contract with your project manager.

  • When the restoration project details are agreed upon with you and your project manager, you will then schedule a tentative day that you would like your home restoration project. We try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. To see what happens the day of the build, check out our other blog post: What to Expect When Your Roof is Being Replaced

  • If any side work needs to be done (gutters, windows, fencing, painting, etc) , it is going to be scheduled after your roof is replaced. We plan to do side work after the roof installation to ensure the new gutters and fences are not damaged during the restoration project.

  • When all of the work on your home is complete, our insurance specialist will submit a supplement and final invoice to your insurance company. Once this is all received from your insurance company, they will release the depreciation and any supplementary funds.

  • Once the receipt and final check is in your hands, contact your project manager to discuss concerns or questions you may have. This process can be confusing but your project manager is with you every step of the way for anything you may need.

  • Your project manager will do a final walkthrough with you to ensure that all of the work that was agreed upon is completed and up to your standards.

  • If all the work is satisfactory, you will release the final agreed upon funds to your project manager. At this time you will receive any warranty information and a final paid in full invoice.

The installation of your roof should leave you with nothing but security in your home and a confident feeling with the work that has been done. Richard Restoration wants you to rest and relax while we make your home the best it can be. We believe that communication is key and we guarantee to inform you every step of the way.

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