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5 Signs That Mean you Need a Roof Replacement

Having a roof over your head is a common idiom used on a day to day basis. The meaning behind this idiom is to “have shelter and a place to live or rest”. A roof over one’s head should be taken seriously. It is the exterior shelter of your home and protects you and your family from mother nature. While Richard Restoration does offer free inspections, the homeowner may be able to spot damage just from these signs:

Loose or Missing Shingles

This is a very obvious and clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced. Leaving your roof open with exposed felt can cause damage to your roof and may also cause leaks. Shingles help protect against weather but they can become damaged over time and crack or even detach. If you can spot missing shingles on your roof, it is time to get a roof replacement.

Mold or Algae on Roof

Algae appears as black streaks on ones roof and does not cause any structural damage. Algae typically shows up after 10 years. Most shingles have a coating of protection on them that protects them from algae for up to 10 years. If you live in the great state of Texas and haven’t had your roof replaced in the past 10 years, it might be time for someone to take a look. The humid summers and crazy storms in texas take a big toll on one’s roof. These streaks are a blue-green algae that are caused by warm climates. However, mold on one's roof does cause structural damage. Mold shows up as dark-green, brown, or black splotches on one’s roof. When mold is present, it can wear down the roof decking that is made of wood below the shingles. If you spot mold or algae on your roof, it is better to be safe than sorry. When the next thunderstorm rolls around, the last thing a homeowner wants is their house to be flooded. Schedule a free inspection to be worry-free.

When was the last time you got a roof replacement?

Can you remember the last time your roof was replaced? Has there been an intense hail storm or thunderstorm since then? Many roofs can last from 20-30 years if they have good ventilation and have not been affected by storms. However, if there was been a hail storm since you got your roof replaced last, it is best to get it inspected to make sure that no damage was done. If you cannot even remember the last time your roof was replaced, have Richard Restoration come out so you can ensure your roof is in good condition.

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles often indicate that the last person to replace your roof may not have adhered the shingles correctly. Curling shingles can also mean your roof is past its “expiration date”. When looking for curling shingles, also check to make sure your shingles are not losing granules. The granules on shingles serve a very important job in the protection of your home as well as reflecting UV rays away from your home. When these are beginning to fall off, it could affect the integrity of your home.

Shingle Granules in Gutters

While you are out checking your roof, don’t forget to check your gutters! Previously mentioned, shingle granules commonly fall off. The best place to look for shingles granules is in the gutters around one’s home. Typically, if grains begin to fall, the gutters will catch them. Darker or inconsistent colors on one’s roof is also an indication that granules are falling off.

If you see a build up in your gutters, it may be a sign that your shingles are deteriorating. This is a clear indicator that your roof might need to be replaced.

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