Roofing Replacement Hail

Having a roof over your head is more than just a metaphor. It is the main part of your home that protects you from rain, hail, and sun. Having diminished roof quality from age or storms can affect the heating and cooling of your home while allowing leaks to occur. Richard Restoration can inspect your roof and assess the weaknesses to make sure your roof can keep you safe.


From bathrooms to kitchens we can help bring your Pinterest board to life in your home! We will help you through the design process and make your project as painless and exciting as possible!

Fencing Stain Gate Replacement

Whether your fence has been damaged by a storm or it's just time for a new one, Richard Restoration has the tools to restore  or upgrade your fence to make it stand out  amongst your neighbors. 

Siding Rot Replacement Wood

Siding is a vital aspect of your homes' integrity and is susceptible to damage as much as your roof. Siding can rot, leading to your home looking like an unfinished and unsafe environment. We offer a wide range of siding products to restore  your home.

Gutters Rain Diveter Downspout

Gutters are a necessary addition to your home for shedding water. If you do not have gutters or they are compromised, it can cause damage to your foundation and home. We have the experts available to install or repair the gutter of your choice. 

Paint Exterior Siding Interior

Home painting requires regular maintenance just like any other aspect of your home whether interior or exterior. Whether its the curb appeal on the exterior or to brighten up a room on the interior, we have artisans of the trade that can restore your home with the color of your choice. 

Window Screen Glass Replcement

Window's integrity can be damaged from age or storms. They are your literal window to the outside world and keeping the elements out. From screens to glass to the frame, we have the services available to keep your home properly insulated. 


We proudly partner with PermaTech for all your foundation repair needs. Give them a call for a free inspection!

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